My research examines local decision making, governance, and administrative structures, particularly in Latin America.  I study specific areas such as fiscal, urban and economic development policies to better understand when governments attempt to use a particular option, their incentive, structures and best practices to ensure successful implementation. My research is both qualitative and quantitative by design and I have conducted field research in Argentina and Mexico.


Work in Progress
Municipal Debt
  • Strengthening the State's Regulatory Framework to control Mexico's Subnational Debt/El Control del Endeudamiento y la Debilidad Institucional de los Municipios Mexicanos (book manuscript)
  • Ley de Disciplina Financiera de las Entidades Federativas y Municipios y sus implicaciones después de las elecciones del 2018 (book chapter)
  • Comparative Path-dependent governance approach to Strengthen the Regulatory Framework of Subnational Debt in Mexico (under review)
Social Equity
  • Developing Social Equity Competencies: Strategies for Public Budgeting and Finance Curriculum with Blue Wooldridge (under review)
  • The Quality of Public Service Education in Mexico:  An evaluation of Public Finance and Budgetary systems within public policy, administration programs in Mexico with Irving Rosales and Gabriel Puron (under review)
  • The Paradox of Social Policy in Mexico at State Level: More Money, Less Action? with Anahely Medrano.

Published Working Papers 
  • Political Career or Party Reputational Concerns? Determining How Partisan Effects Matter for Subnational Fiscal Discipline, Evidence from Mexico, coauthored with Allyson Benton (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, CIDE, Documento de Trabajo 252), Julio 2013.
  • Private vs. Public Debt: Explaining Municipal Borrowing Patterns of Mexican Cities. (2012) Social Science Research Network, Available at SSRN:     
  • Effective Public Service Delivery in Latin America: Can it Be Done at the Local Level? (2011) Social Science Research Network, Available at SSRN:
  • Fiscal Decentralization: Explaining Successful Local Economic Development in Latin America, (2011) Social Science Research Network, Available at SSRN:    

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Sustainable Financial Management of Local Capital Markets

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