Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mexico City Information


Mexico city is an easy place to get around with Taxis, Metro, Metrobus (BRT), Uber and drivers to contract, it's easy to go from place to place.  Although there is high traffic at times, so plan in advance and expect an adventure....
The airport to fly in and out of is Mexico City (MEX) and there are taxi stands outside the international gate.  These are certified taxis and will cost approximately $250 pesos (about $20 US) to go anywhere in the city. They have booths where you buy your ticket and there are several brands like “Yellow Taxi” or “Taxi Express” which cost just about the same.  Cars fit 4 people comfortably but if you need a larger van, just ask for an additional rate.  All fairs can be paid by credit card including American Express.  Simply pay for your ticket and walk out the doors and you’ll find the same company sign and logo.  Their drivers will carry your bags for you to put into the car. Just tell the driver the address of your hotel and they will find the best route for the time of day.
The exchange rate in Mexico is variable but currently around $16.5 pesos to the $1 US dollar.
Every hotel has an internal system to find or hail private cabs. Use them!  The best and safest way, if you are not familiar with the city, are to use Taxis that are private services like radio taxi or “taxi de sitio” which has a base and sends out cars as necessary.  Uber also works just fine and you can use the app with the hotel WIFI.  Sometimes charges appear from their international base, but the premise works the same way as in the US and all you need to do is write in the address to where you are going. It’s often the most easiest way to get around and the safest.


The weather in Mexico city is just about always 70 degrees in the day and 50 degrees at night. This hardly changes through the dry months or rainy season (May-August). In late December and January it can drop to be a bit colder, but not by much. If there is inclement weather on the costs it could drop to 60 degrees in the day and 40 at night, but basically expect to see sun during the day and bring a jacket for the evenings.

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