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Over the years,  I have taken some nice vacations round to the best beaches of Mexico. Here is a list of our favorites and some hotels we’ve enjoyed.  If you plan to come earlier or stay later, we are happy to also recommend more specific tours of places in Mexico.  There isn’t any particular order to these, but all of them you would  need to fly from DF and get an all inclusive type options or go hippie route and bus to wherever and find an AirBandB place for the cheap.  All accommodations and levels of prices are available.
  1. Acapulco is an easy bus or car trip from DF.  My favorite hotel overall in Mexico is Boca Chica, which is a retro place the sourthern part of town http://www.hotel-bocachica.com/.  This is part of the  Habitat group too.  We’ve also stayed at Las Brisas here: https://www.brisas.com.mx/hotels/acapulco
  2. Ixtapa zihuatanejo is pacific ocean, we went in May--it's quiet and nice with a bike trail around town and small fishing docs for dinner. We stayed at Las Brisas (https://www.brisas.com.mx/hotels/ixtapa) which was bulit by a famous Mexican architect, Ricardo Legorreta.
  3. Cozumel is the island off the Yucatan Peninsula.  I would go back there at anytime!  This is next to Playa del Carmen which is a boat trip away and has more of a party vibe than the quiet island.  We rented a motor scooter to run around the island, which was a lot of fun.
  4. Tulum is also Yucatan. It has a great local beach vibe with a some town and some ruins on the outskirts of town.  My favorite hotel is Zulum www.hotelstulum.com/zulum/  with its cabañas facing the ocean.
  5. I’ve wanted to go to Huatulco, which is pacific in Oaxaca that’s more hippie place that you can go. There are so many options along the southern part of the pacific, I haven’t been so if you go, please send me your impressions.  
  6. Taxco: The World’s Silver Capital is on the way to Acapulco and a fun place to visit: http://www.visitmexico.com/en/the-silver-capital-taxco-guerrero-mexico


If you can’t afford the time or money to hit the beach, there are several haciendas near Mexico City which are as lovely and more affordable. Spend two nights and three days in the warm sun without the beach. Typically these were built in the late 1500s to 1800s and have amazing accommodations.
Carretera Federal Cuernavaca-Cuautla KM 32.5
Centro, 62736 Cocoyoc, Morelos, México
2. Hacienda de Tenango
AlbercasHacienda de Tenango Miguel Hidalgo 1, Tenango Cuautla (Morelos)
Photos Here
Plaza Kennedy 90
62560 Atlacomulco Juitepec, Morelos, Mexico
More Photos
4. Hacienda Amanalco
Calle de la Estación, 412 62410 Cuernavaca (Morelos)
Photos Here
5. Hacienda Vista Hermosa
Km. 7 Carretera Alpuyeca Tequesquitengo, San José
Vista Hermosa CP. 62680, Puente de Ixtla Morelos
See Photos Here

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