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VACATION BEACHES Over the years,  I have taken some nice vacations round to the best beaches of Mexico. Here is a list of our favorites and some hotels we’ve enjoyed.  If you plan to come earlier or stay later, we are happy to also recommend more specific tours of places in Mexico.  There isn’t any particular order to these, but all of them you would  need to fly from DF and get an all inclusive type options or go hippie route and bus to wherever and find an AirBandB place for the cheap.  All accommodations and levels of prices are available. Acapulco is an easy bus or car trip from DF.  My favorite hotel overall in Mexico is Boca Chica, which is a retro place the sourthern part of town  This is part of the  Habitat group too.  We’ve also stayed at Las Brisas here: Ixtapa zihuatanejo is pacific ocean, we went in May--it's quiet and nice with a bike trail around town and small fishing docs for dinner. We stay…

Mexico City Information

LOGISTICS & MONEY, ETC.Mexico city is an easy place to get around with Taxis, Metro, Metrobus (BRT), Uber and drivers to contract, it's easy to go from place to place.  Although there is high traffic at times, so plan in advance and expect an adventure.... The airport to fly in and out of is Mexico City (MEX) and there are taxi stands outside the international gate.  These are certified taxis and will cost approximately $250 pesos (about $20 US) to go anywhere in the city. They have booths where you buy your ticket and there are several brands like “Yellow Taxi” or “Taxi Express” which cost just about the same.  Cars fit 4 people comfortably but if you need a larger van, just ask for an additional rate.  All fairs can be paid by credit card including American Express.  Simply pay for your ticket and walk out the doors and you’ll find the same company sign and logo.  Their drivers will carry your bags for you to put into the car. Just tell the driver the address of your hotel a…