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Bochos en DF

Competitividad Urbana y Municipal


La movilidad urbana es uno de los principales retos que enfrentan actualmente las ciudades mexicanas. Hasta ahora, la mayoría de las políticas de transporte urbano han priorizado al automóvil y con ello han contribuido a un crecimiento exponencial en el parque vehicular –que a su vez ha generado problemas de congestión y contaminación del aire. Aunado a esto, en ninguna ciudad se ha logrado hacer del transporte público una alternativa de transporte que compita con el automóvil en términos de seguridad, comodidad y rapidez. El crecimiento acelerado del parque vehicular aún en ciudades altamente congestionadas como el Valle de México sugiere que mucha gente está dispuesta a pagar un costo muy alto –en tiempo y dinero- para poseer un vehículo propio y utilizarlo intensivamente. El transporte público representa un modo de transporte de baja calidad que muchos residentes urbanos abandonan en cuanto pueden adquirir un automóvil.

La baja calidad del transporte público es en gran m…

Argentina sells $1.087 bln of local dollar-linked bonds

I can't believe that this still happens even after 2001! 

BUENOS AIRES, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Argentina on Tuesday sold $1.087 billion of dollar- denominated bonds to be redeemed in pesos in 2017, the economy ministry said, in an auction that drew fewer bids than the amount of debt on offer.

Although Argentina originally indicated it would sell $500 million of the Bonad 17 bonds, its official gazette on Tuesday said it would seek bids for up to $1.5 billion of the notes. Redemption of the Bonad 17s, to be governed by Argentine law, will be in pesos at the official exchange rate.
Outgoing President Cristina Fernandez's access to global credit markets has been hampered by an unresolved default, forcing the government to sell debt in the local market. Foreign reserves have dwindled in past years.

Fernandez has increased public spending this year to bolster the country's anemic growth ahead of presidential elections on Oct. 25. Investors in the bonds, which carry annual a …

Mexican Bankruptcy laws do NOT include Public Land

Mexican Bankruptcy laws do NOT include public land/ territories which means municipalities, urban zones or the like. This is a major problem for moral hazard and municipal debt for municipalities and states.

See here:

Volume 1
Chapter 14 Summary
This chapter presents a discussion on the bankruptcy laws of Mexico. Accordingly, while acknowledging the role of the bankruptcy laws of the 31 states as well as the Federal District, the focus of this chapter is on the Mexican Bankruptcy Code (Ley de Quiebras y Suspension de Pagos- LQSP). The Mexican Bankruptcy code is a federal law enacted in 1943 to apply to the reorganization or liquidation of all person engaged in commerce, with a few specific exceptions. The LQSP is derived from Article 23 of the Me…

LASA 2016 Call for Papers

Thank you for being a 2015 member of LASA. We are currently accepting proposals for LASA2016 in New York, New York. We would love to receive your proposal for consideration for our 50th Anniversary before the deadline of September 8th, 2015 (17h00 EDT). Please find the Call for Papers here:

Important: All participants need to be LASA 2015 members to be able to submit proposals and be involved in the proposals. Additionally, section panel participants also need to be section members for 2015. The membership deadline is also September 8th, 2015 (17h00 EDT).

Notes on participation:

-          LASA Participants are limited to one paper per congress, no exceptions.  (Co-authorship counts towards the one paper limit).

-          Participants can only have 2 active participations per congress (not counting being an Organizer).  The participation may take the form of paper presenter, discussant or chair role.  A participant is ab…

PA Section members

The APSA/PA Section is holding a drawing of ten people on August 24th for any PA Section member who would like the chance to have their manuscript reviewed by a senior scholar. 

We are drawing ten names from the list of people who sign up.   To sign up,  just send an email to  or visit our Facebook page and share the post about the drawing.  You can find full details about the initiative on the Facebook page at