Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Subnational Governance Panels at LASA

Congratulations  to my colleagues  and friends presenting at this year's Latin American Studies Association (LASA) panels on Sub national governance to be held in Puerto Rico, May 2015

A) Panel: The Politics of Urban Exclusion and Subnational Social Policy in Latin America

Date/Time: Thursday May 28 / 4:00-5:45pm
Location: San Cristobal, D


Battle in the Streets, Battle in the Press: Elite Framing of Protest in Mexico
Heather Sullivan, Hamilton College

Decentralization and Democratic Participation: The Effect of Regional Self-Rule on Voting in Latin American and the Caribbean
Sara Niedzwiecki, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Alissandra Stoyan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Political Determinant of Violence in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires
Alberto Föhrig, Universidad de San Andrés

Subnational Political Responses to Urban Drug Trafficking in Latin America
Hernán Flom, University of California/Berkeley

Chair and Discussant: Eduardo Moncada, Rutgers University

B) Panel: Intergovernmental Politics in Latin America: New Research Agendas

Date/Time: Saturday, May 30 / 6:00 - 7:45pm
Location: San Cristobal, B

Recentralization after decentralization? A recent account from México
Juan Olmeda, El Colegio de Mexico

The New Colombian System of Royalties: Decentralisation or Recentralisation
Julian Lopez-Murcia, University of Oxford

Analyzing the effects of subnational state capacities on intergovernmental relations.  Evidence from Argentina and Mexico
Lorena Moscovich, Universidad de San Andres - Argentina
Laura Flamand, El Colegio de Mexico

Partisanship, Public Opinion, and the Federal Balance of Power in Brazil
Amanda Fidalgo, Pennsylvania State University

Chair and Discussant: Lucas Gonzalez, CONICET / Universidad Católica Argentina - Universidad Nacional de San Martin

C) Section on Subnational Politics and Society - Annual Meeting

Date / Time: Thursday, May 28 / 8:00 - 8:45pm
Location: Garita 

Sustainable Financial Management of Local Capital Markets

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