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Mexican Public Debt Publications

“Explaining Borrowing Patterns of Mexican Cites: the case of the State of Guanajuato”

“A Rational Partisan Explanation for Irrational (Sub)Sovereign Debt Behavior: Evidence from Municipal Mexico” with Allyson Benton

"How Partisan Ideological Effects Shape Subnational Public Debt Portfolios: Explaining Variation Among Municipal Debt Instruments in Mexico" with Allyson Benton

"Political Career or Party Reputational Concerns? Determining How Partisan Effects Mater for Subnational fiscal Discipline, Evidence From Mexico" with Allyson Benton

"La Trayectoria De La Deuda Pública: ¿Una Solución …

2015 Graduate Student Paper Competition, $1000 Grand Prize

2015 Graduate Student Paper Competition,
Policy Workshop, and Publication
$1000 Grand Prize
Abstracts due: May 15, 2015

To encourage a new generation of urban policy makers and promote early career research, USAID, International Housing Coalition (IHC), World Bank, the Wilson Center, and Cities Alliance are co-sponsoring the sixth annual paper competition for graduate students, seeking abstracts on urban poverty in the developing world. Winning papers will be published and selected authors will be invited to present their work in a policy workshop to be held at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. in January, 2016. The grand prize winner will also receive $1000. Papers must be linked to one of the following sub-topics:

Metropolitan Approaches for the Urban Poor
Cities around the developing world are attracting migrants at unprecedented rates. Many of these cities are jurisdictionally fragmented, which results in complex spatial and institutional…