Thursday, February 26, 2015

Un latinamericano entre los Major Reference Work Public Administration por B. Guy Peters and John Pierre

Con mucho orgullo les informamos que un artículo del Doctor Oscar Oszlak ha sido incluido en el primero de cuatro volúmenes, editados por SAGE como Major Reference Work Public Administration por B. Guy Peters and John Pierre, una colección de las principales contribuciones a este campo.

Part One: Fundamental Works   
The Study of Administration    Woodrow Wilson
Bureaucracy and Bureaucratization    S. Eisenstadt
Nonmarket Decision-Making: The Peculiar Economics of Bureaucracy    William Niskanen
Administrative Decision-Making    Herbert Simon
Part Two: History of Public Administration   
Wang Anshi and the Origins of Modern Public Administration in Song Dynasty China    Wolfgang Drechsler
The Historical Formation of the State in Latin America: Some Theoretical and Methodological Guidelines for Its Study    Oscar Ozelak
Administrative History of the United States of America: Development and State of the Art    Jos Raadschelders
Administrative Legacies in Western Europe    Fabio Rugge
Part Three: Organizations in Public Administration   
Ode to Luther Gulick: Span of Control and Organizational Performance    Kenneth Meier and John Bohte
Institutional Isomorphism and Public Sector Organizations    Peter Frumkin and Joseph Galaskiewicz
The Design of Public Agencies: Overcoming Agency Costs and Commitment Problems    Kutsal Yesilkagit
How Bureaucratic Structure Matters: An Organizational Perspective    Morten Egeberg
Part Four: Reforming the Public Sector   
40 Years of Public Management Reform In UK Central Government – Promises, Promises…    Christopher Pollitt
The Global Revolution in Public Management: Driving Themes, Missing Links    Donald Kettl
Globalization and Administrative Reform: What Is Happening in Theory?    Laurence Lynn Jr.
The Middle-Aging of New Public Management: into the Age of Paradox?    Christopher Hood and Guy Peters
Part Five: The Future of Public Administration   
New Public Governance in Westminster Systems: Impartial Public Administration and Management Performance at Risk    Peter Aucoin
Maybe It Is time to Rediscover Bureaucracy    Johan Olsen
From Responsiveness to Collaboration: Governance, Citizens, and the Next Generation of Public Administration    Eran Vigoda
The New Public Service: Steering Rather than Steering    Robert Denhardt and Janet Vinzant Denhardt

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