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Public Finance Synopses

Synopses 1: Municipal Bonds James Leigland, a development officer for the US Agency for International Development (USAID), describes how emerging economies can use municipal bonds for development purposes in his journal article “Accelerating Municipal Bonds Market Development Emerging Economies: An Assessment of Strategies and Progress,” published in Public Budgeting & Finance (Blackwell Synergy Press: June 1997 - Vol. 17 Issue 2 Pages 57-79). In this comparative study, Leigland argues that the US municipal bond market may be used as a guide to compare how local governments in emerging economies stack up in developing this policy instrument for financing local infrastructure projects. Instead of a true comparison between US policies and the emerging economies, the author simply creates a construct based from the US’s 200 years of legal and procedural development to evaluate the local bond markets of Indonesia, the Philippines, Poland and South Africa. Notable is the outlandish ta…

Program evaluation notes

Program evaluation

1. Non-experiments
Means using R2 statistical analysis to find response.  Uses statistical controls (program variables x1+x2+x3) to analysis outcome measures (independent variable y)

2. Experimental designs-Random field experiments
Must Have
1.    comparison-random assignment of cases to experiment vs. control group
2.    manipulation- treatment should produce change in unit of analysis
3.    Control-internal validity (controlled through random assignment)
4.    Generalizabilty-external validity

    Must have 30 items in the sample
    Randomly selected
    Avoid selection threats

3 types of tests
1.    pretest post test
2.    pretest comparison
3.    salamon 4

Use simple statistics use t test or f tests
Ethical issues holding on reservation
Treats to validity, external depend on large sample size N
Never randomize to suite probs
Control many factors- get selection treats
Simple to understand

Cause group doesn’t explain why
Not always feasible
Not always generalizable
Lots o…

XX Inter-American Conference of Mayors and Local Authorities

XX Inter-American Conference of Mayors and Local Authorities | « Back to Event List Do not miss the 20th anniversary of the conference which gathers the best practices and local governments from throughout the hemisphere.
The Inter-American Conference of Mayors and Local Authorities will take place in Miami, FL from June 9th through 12th 2014.
Please save the date so you can join us!

Primera Conferencia para el Desarrollo de la Democracia y la Prestación de Servicios Públicos

Primera Conferencia para el Desarrollo de la Democracia y la Prestación de Servicios Públicos | « Back to Event List El objetivo de la conferencia es intercambiar ideas y experiencias para la construcción y fortalecimiento de la democracia en las Américas. En ese contexto, la Conferencia analizará el rol de los parlamentos, los partidos políticos, y miembros del poder ejecutivo entre otros, en el fortalecimiento de la gobernabilidad democrática. Asimismo, el análisis del tema de “retroceso en la democracia” en el hemisferio tendrá gran relevancia dentro del marco del evento. La conferencia también considerará temas de estabilidad y crecimiento económico que son fundamentales para el intercambio comercial entre la Florida y la región.
La Conferencia se llevará a cabo en el Hyatt Regency Hotel en Coral Gables, Florida el 28 de febrero de 2014, con una recepción de bienvenida la noche del 27 de febrero. Es un placer para nosotros invitarle a visitar la página web de la con…

The Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas

The Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) is the outcome of U.S. President Barack Obama's call for a collaborative effort to mitigate the effects of climate change across the western hemisphere. ECPA is an umbrella of initiatives that partner public, private, and academic organizations to promote sustainable development, the use of alternative energy, and the elimination of poverty. APA petitioned the State Department to conduct an ECPA initiative, firmly believing that urban and regional planning can play a key role in achieving core objectives.
Recorded Facilitated DiscussionLatin American NGO Growth and Management and Urban Planning
Stream the recording of an April 2013 session that brainstormed ideas to improve the planning efforts of NGOs South of America's border. The presentation features discussions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Watch the discussion
Sustainable and Inclusive Housing and Community Development Program Stemming …

Manifestations and Response: Urban Grievances in Latin America

--> Manifestations and Response: Urban Grievances in Latin America
Latin American Studies Ass (LASA) Panel Description

This panel brings together a unique set of papers examining the ways in which citizens present their grievances and elicit responses from city governments throughout Latin America. Papers on Brazil, Peru, and Mexico detail the conflicts that arise when development policies clash with the rights and demands of urban citizens, while Esser presents the striking results of a survey documenting why and how citizens express their grievances in the face of tremendous violence. Further, Smith and Benton study  international capital markets and their effects on finances cities in Mexico.  Mesa and Ramirez both document the policy making process in which governments face both financial and political constraints to incorporating citizen interests.

1. Resisting Urban Development: Social Movements and Megaprojects in São Paulo, Brazil
Maureen Donaghy Assistant Professor Depa…