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Decentralization Study Memo

--> Decentralization Study Memo
“Local governments” is used as a term synonymous with “subnational governments,” that is, both municipal and regional levels of government.

Decentralization efforts in select countries Source: Alfred Montero of Carleton College, Miami Herald, Posted on Wed, Oct. 17, 2007: • Argentina: Governors elected since 1912 and mayors since the 1950s, except during authoritarian periods. Both elected since 1983. Local governments have strong powers. • Bolivia: Governors first elected in 2005, mayors since 1985. Governors are fighting with President Evo Morales over spending authority. • Brazil: Governors directly elected since 1982, mayors since 1946 except in large cities during authoritarian government 1964-85. Local governments have strong taxing and spending authority. • Chile: Mayors elected since 1992. Regional governments are weak, while municipal governments have gained greater autonomy. But subnational share of total spending remains low. • Co…