Monday, May 27, 2013

New City Database

Stephen Goldsmith, a former mayor of Indianapolis, has launched a new
website to catalyze local government efforts to deploy data, analytics, and
civic engagement technologies that transform the way government operates.
The "Data-Smart City Solutions<>"
site and the broader campaign are housed at the Ash Center for Democratic
Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School, the preeminent
voice for innovation in government.

The initiative is designed to offer city leaders a national depository of
working analytics methodologies and to connect leading industry, academic,
and government officials in the field.

Data-Smart City Solutions<>
will report fresh advances in the big data phenomenon, profiling big data
technology and municipal pioneers, and will present case histories of the
many community engagement and big data success stories reanimating our
cities nationwide. The site will serve as a resource for government
officials and others interested in this developing field.

Please join us in embracing this new management paradigm and charting our
nation's municipal future.

To learn more, register<>
for the Data-Smart newsletter and visit<

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