Friday, November 09, 2012

USG and Urbanization....

Urbanization, City Planning, Global Health and Economic Development: How these Policies Affect Local Governments
by Heidi Smith

The new office of Special Representative of Inter-governmental Affairs at the US State Department, which reports directly to Secretary Clinton, works to engage State and Local leaders across the globe as they are critical actors in the governance processes. Work done today, focusing on management and technical roles for local governments, is key to successful implication of international public policy and also helps lead to stronger national governments and economies. Simply put, our goal is to see more efficient and effective local governments.

Truthful community discussions about city priorities and gentrification will lead to more promising economic development. Clear understanding and knowing of what cities do and how they are run, may help create healthy relationships between different levels of government. The US applauds Latin America in its work towards participatory planning and budgeting. This innovation comes from Curitiba where the HUD Sec. Shaun Donavon visited to learn about these experiences and replicate them back home in the US.

Furthermore, one specific example of how local governments play a necessary role to encourage economic development is in housing sector. Financial inclusion and the promotion of low income housing finance for the poor are top priorities to President Obama. We look forward to working with interested governments to help expand access to affordable housing.

We believe the US government, with Sec. Donavon’s renewed efforts at focusing HUD into a new generation New-Federalism, can help ensure affordable housing is assessable to everyone by sharing lessons learned in the housing finance sector. This is just one area where we can work to strengthen our international presence.

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