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APSA Urban Politics Call for Proposals

Urban Politics

Annette Steinhacker, Loyola University, Chicago
Justin Phillips, Columbia University

The Call

Urban politics is particularly relevant to a conference organized around the theme of Representation and Renewal.  Cities have, for decades, confronted the difficulties posed by globalization and the movement of manufacturing jobs and middle class residents from urban centers. After some promising revitalization in the late 1990s and early 2000s with increased immigrant populations and economic growth in service and professional fields, central cities again are facing a time of fiscal and economic challenges.  The Great Recession has strained municipal finances and service provision, while many cities along the Gulf Coast continue to deal with the ravages of Hurricane Katrina.  State budget deficits are disrupting municipal finances and straining inter-governmental relationships.

Cities confront these and other challenges in the context of racial, religious, and econo…

Poverty Hitting American Cities

More Gloom Lies Ahead for Cities, Report Says By Published: September 27, 2011 Nearly a third of the nation’s cities are laying off workers this year. More than half have canceled or delayed infrastructure projects. And two out of five have raised their fees.

The catalog of service cuts and fee increases comes as America’s cities are bracing for what they expect will be their fifth straight year of declining revenues, according to a survey of city finance officers to be released on Tuesday by the National League of Cities.

One of the main culprits is the property tax, which many cities and local governments rely on heavily. Property tax collections, which are usually quite resilient, are projected to fall by 3.7 percent this year — their second year in a row of declines — as tax assessments belatedly catch up with the lower property values left behind by the battered real estate market. Sales tax collections are projected to be sli…

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