Thursday, March 31, 2011

An old comment on CIVICUS

Comments from e-CIVICUS 304 Poll Question

By Heidi Jane M. Smith, Inter-American Foundation ( comments: Do you think that civil society is doing enough to strengthen global Information and Communications Technology policy formulation? Results from 94 CIVICUS voters say “no” suggesting with clear 86 percent majority, that they should do more. It’s a chronic failure for civil society representatives to think they do not work together or hard enough; yet it is their biggest achievement when they do.

Consequently, on 8 September 2006, Federal Computer Week, ( a US based Web publication for federal employees and business that works with the American government, published, 'Army of bloggers' helps Senate pass bill, an article highlighting the grassroots efforts of programmers Do you have a friend who works for a more just world? and computer gurus to keep the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (S. 2590) alive. Would you like to share this “The bill would create a Google-like search engine and database to track approximately $1 trillion in newsletter with them? federal grants, contracts, earmarks and loans.”

The article cites American senators and lawmakers, but forgets to reference a blogger’s opinion or potential users. Civil society is composed of a myriad web of diverse interest, belief and ideas. They must act together and concert their efforts in a single cord to make change. What is the ultimate objective for civil society is to work together; a gargantuan triumph at best. So why do most believe they aren’t doing enough? Maybe it’s too difficult to identify civil society for a comment. Are civil society representatives expected to work harder than the rest?

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