Thursday, November 25, 2010

Local Governments Mentioned in the Mexican Constitution

Mexican Constitution: Article 117. The States may not in any case:
2. Make any alliance, treaty or coalition with another State, or with foreign powers.
3. Deleted.
4. Coin money, issue paper money, stamps, or stamped paper.
5. Levy duty on persons or goods passing through their territory.
6. Prohibit or levy duty upon, directly or indirectly, the entrance into or exit from their territory of any domestic or foreign goods.
7. Tax the circulation of domestic or foreign goods by imposts or duties, the exemption of which is made by local customhouses, requiring inspection or registration of packages or documentation to accompany the goods.
8. Enact or maintain in force fiscal laws or provisions that relate to differences in duties or requirements by reason of the origin of domestic or foreign goods, whether this difference is established because of similar production in the locality or because, among such similar production there is a different place or origin.
9. Issue bonds of public debt payable in foreign currency or outside the national territory; contract loans directly or indirectly with the Governments of other nations, or contract obligations in favor of foreign companies or individuals, when the bonds or securities are payable to bearer or are transmissible by endorsement.
10. States and municipalities may not negotiate loans except for the construction of works intended to produce directly an increase in their revenues.

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