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My God Is An Angry God

Three of my favorite things--a saab, argentina and good music--all in one video, thanks autoblog!

"My God Is An Angry God (Juan Manuel Fangio Castiga Los Pecados Del Mundo)"

Directed by Davey G. Johnson

The first of the album's "mission" songs finds the assassin Fangio taking out a target about whom we know little more than that he doesn't seem to have any business hanging out in a synagogue. The venue is significant, however, in that our Catholic-born protagonist finds in the idea of the Old Testament God — the "God of wrath" — some measure of justification for his role as hammer of justice. Jericho/Buffalo confusion merely a symptom of overarching Borgesian spatiotemporal displacement.

From the album Fangio, download and vinyl available September 7, single August 10, from Fayettenam Records.

More information about this album and Peter Peter Hughes at

Intergovernmental Relations (IGR)

The concept of federalism dates back to our Founding Fathers. The Framers sought to balance personal rights and property with the role of a strong court and an active party system to the creation of a national system, which prevented internal tyranny. Our Constitution composes of Madison’s institutional framework, Jackson’s patronage system and Jefferson’s ideology of autonomy and independence. The ambiguity of role of local governments in the Constitution gives us the today’s discussions of intergovernmental relations (IGR).

Although the term “local government” is not mentioned in the Constitution, it was the great French writer, Alexis de Tocqueville, who visited the US in the early 1800’s and provides us with our cultural heritage to focus on the importance of local government and civil society in terms of our country’s development of democratic institutions and participation.

For the earlier years, the US lead a regime of Dual Federalism, which allowed the state and federal governm…