Monday, February 08, 2010

Urbanization in Latin America

Did you know that Latin America is one of the most Urbanized regions of the world? With nearly 70% of Latin Americans living in cities of over 500,000. This is one of the most significant urbanized areas in the world. Even though most think of China and India as urban and have high concentrations--yet LAC has its own problems with in-migration to urban areas looking for work, which has been controlled in other regional areas. Therefore, in the next few decades policy makers will have to deal with lots of issues like formalizing land tenure issues, increased reforms with property taxes and re-arranging public finances. Additionally, issues dealing with inequality of basic services within cities like housing, education and health services where they vary in addition to security like policing and areas of cities safe for people, tourist and various classes will be keen in the future. Furthermore, the development of capital markets will be a big issue in the future. Basically macro-economic stability has created questions of why growth hasn't happened locally, therefore more will be done in terms of corporate bonds, re-investment firms, mortgage markets, credit availability and municipal bonds.

Registro de Revistas sobre Administración Pública, Gestión y Política Pública en Latinoamérica

Aqui esta un Registro de revistas que trabaja los temas de administración pública, gestión y política pública en Latinoamérica .  Falta ...