Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Comments on the Post-Governance Era

It is no doubt that the world has changed in the past year-year and half with the financial crisis and Obama taking office. Their is a renewed call for public administrators who are responsive and professional at their jobs. The question I ask is how much of this new era will be like the New Deal Era and or how will it be different? In terms of better government regulation over creating subsidy programs or the engagement of new fields to improve the economy like the green jobs movement, etc.

Also the bigger questions that also comes up is how the rest of the world sees the United States. And how the US will behave in a more equal global system. Like it or not, the rest of the world saw what happens when the markets prevailed (over past 30 years) or were poorly managed by the state and the disastrous economic and personal effects of that. They may opt out of the free market economies all together, which is exactly opposite of what the US has been trying to encourage for the past 100 years! What will that world look like.... Joe Stiglitz's video interview published by the New Yorker also suggest these ideas and quesitons View

To conclude, the field of public administration tomorrow will, not only, analyze the same old problems through different lenses (gender, race, or class), but it will also use different techniques (narratives, path dependency, comparative case study or data analysis), to analyze the wicked problems and confront them globally. The next cohort of public administration theorists and academics will evaluate issues such as climate change, terrorism, transnational migration, economic decline and global governance. They will promote democracy and global institutions within the context of supranational state like the United Nations. Furthermore a proliferation of schools of public administration and development that have spanned into the developing world will be come stronger as methods will become disbursed round the globe. The same paradoxes of rational vs. humanistic; democracy vs. efficiency; and scientific vs. normative will continue to be contentious. Yet the overarching theme of public administration will continue to be how to serve better the public good for all of humanity.

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