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Americans and their Education

The piece is pretty accurate, but unfortunately, I think Palin's lack of education attribute to her demise just as much as the "lost in translation" idea. Like most Americans, we are not very articulate, especially at the national level. Although she went to college, her level of understanding the world is pretty narrow, as is her development of ideas..... pretty sad to think that most people "bought into her" and then she couldn't carry them along with a decent message.

Read Lost in Translation Why Sarah Palin really quit us.By Dahlia LithwickPosted Wednesday, July 8, 2009, at 5:09 PM ET

Summer time!

Summer is all about boating and fishing, playing in the sand, spitting water melon seeds, weeding the garden and getting a sun burn.

Bemidji on Primetime

Last night there was an episode of "How I met your Mother" where one of the characters, Robin, who's originally from Canada, gets invited to a Minnesota bar in NYC and in order to fit in, pretends that she's from ... wait for it ... Bemidji! haha In fact, she says "Bemidji" twice in the episode. Here's a clip of the "Minnesota bar" so you get an idea:

Sun Rays

Sun Rays
Originally uploaded by heydeeRio was a wonderful get away. I think its my favorite city now.