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Are all Women the Same?

Can we please, PLEASE disaggregated women here! Not all ladies are the same and they will not vote the same. Its a bit much to just survey "women" to be in the same voting block. There are white women, black women, Hispanics and they live all over the country, with each sub region having various political views and ideas. Why don't the the pundits and the pollsters reconfigure that we are not one block of votes and that we have differing interests--just as Hilary received some of our support while not others. What's more this article didn't disaggregated issues like health care, the economy, education policy, foreign policy, etc. What is true, that most women should get behind and unite behind is discrimination like is this YouTube video:

On May 23, The Women's Media Center, along with their partners at Media Matters, launched, "Sexism Sells, But We're Not Buying It," a new video and online petition campaign illustrating the pervasive nature of …