Thursday, May 15, 2008

LAC Policy is Not Just for Hispanics

As I was perusing the Web, I noticed that the Democratic Party has included Latin American Policy with the Hispanic section. Just because they are "Hispanic" doesn't mean that people are going to be interested in Latin American Policy and vice-versa. I thought the Barack Obama Campaign was not about putting people into stereotypical boxes, but opening the playing field. May be he hasn't rubbed off on the Democratic Committee as of yet. Too bad. Our forgiven policy, including LAC policy should be comprehensive and inclusive, not contriving and contrite. Let's work on this..... has a post called "Bush's Failed Legacy: Latin America" that's worth checking out...

After promising that this would be the "Century of the Americas" during his 2000 presidential campaign, President Bush heads to Latin America today with a "weak hand" after years of turning his back on the region, years of broken promises, and years of failed policies.

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