Friday, February 22, 2008

Current Research Interests

So as of late, I am trying to link what we call "development" in the US to international development. That is to say, what local governments do to promote growth in their communities, i.e. promote business ventures, encourage tax deductions and go to trade fairs, etc. I am arguing for further decentralization, suggesting that in Latin America (which is what I know most) that the process is incomplete because local governments in general don't collect their own revenues. They for the most part, allow for fiscal federalism, or this balance to receive finance for local projects from the national level. This makes the world much more corrupt because many national governments play partisan politics--or they favor spending to party strong-hold municipalities. This only continues the bad pork barrel politics that we know so well.

Anyone have comments on these topics?

Registro de Revistas sobre Administración Pública, Gestión y Política Pública en Latinoamérica

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