Wednesday, January 09, 2008

kenyan politics today

One important thing to recognize is the 2000 bad election in the United States. Al Gore won the popular vote and George Bush became president. They went to the courts who decided that GB could be president and Al Gore conceded. The same thing happened in mexico last year where the LEFTist party received more votes but the courts decided that Calderon be president. The left created chaos in streets, sleeping in the main plaza in Ciudad de Mexico for months. I think the succession took nearly 6 months where the left would not leave.

Democracy is not perfect. It is a people's institution for governance. And of course, it not as divine as God ruling over us, because it is man made. But part of democracy is letting go and fighting back again when the opportunity is right. Also, institutions matter on how they manage these tensions. BUT conflict can be good--it shows where there are inconsistencies in reality. I just heard about the FAMOUS MOU. I think that is terrible that both candidates would need to sit down like that and make decisions about how the country should be run. That shows the system is sick and broken. More candidates not running on tribal lines would help Kenyan Democracy. But that will take a long long time. We in the US are just finally seeing that a women and a black man do have a shot at being president... yet these things take time.

I just read something interesting. The Orange party has majority rule in the parliament. That is exactly the case when George Bush was elected. If I were Kenyan, I would be mad that Odinga would have back promises in a fancy country club. Fighting isn't about making compromises. I would pay more attention to how the parliament could rule. To me, its not correct to make back deals. That is unfair and doesn't work. I look for more integrity over a particular candidate.

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