Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida Still Flawed

Recently moving to the notoriously terrible administrate voting state, after living in Washington DC for the past eight years, I was overly eager to vote in this years’ historic primaries. The first time to vote for a black man or a women to be president in the United State, I was ready. I trained to be poll worker, read ballot information and attended several local political talks and public discussions about the referendums that were on this year’s ballot. Above all, I was excited that my personal vote for the primaries election would finally count. Yet, it didn’t.

After arriving to the Miami-Dade polling office, registering my id and signing my name two times, the older gentleman prepared the voting machine. He asked me to verify that the machine was correct! Thinking it must be okay, I voted for the referendums first. Then the red button was blinking; I pressed it wondering what about the primaries. The machine went to the home screen.

Wait! I want to vote for the first black man or women to be president in the United States, what happened? I went to ask what happened to my vote, and was quickly dismissed, as I hadn’t registered for a party, and that if I hit the red button then I had voted. But I hadn’t. When I registered to vote I declared my first time Democratic Party affiliation. After a rude bickering session, I relented. I didn’t have a chance to vote because the machine was not set up properly. Thus demonstrating Florida’s stilled flawed voting system.

Heidi Smith
Coral Gables, FL


Sean said...

My wish for you is that you could have turned back time and recast your vote. Obviously, those present in the precinct either couldn't or chose to not help you. I'm more inclined, unfortunately, to believe it was the latter.

Even in a race where it "didn't really count," they couldn't get it right.


inariargenteus said...

Crazy, crazy, crazy... I wish things had turned out better for you.

I can't say I'm terribly surprised - MDC has a lot of bungling in its past to overcome.

On the other hand, the poll worker I got was careful to show me my party affiliation, my precinct number, and made sure I had the correct ballot loaded before I actually touched anything. I wonder if it's because I voted early - but not really, since I waited until the last day to do so...

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