Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I have a random and off the wall sort of question. Rather appropriate if you have time on your hands to relax and think. How does one define elitism? Or decide what is of suburb excellence. Who makes that distinction and when is it truly relevant or just a farce to another ones mind? I ask you this because I believe you also look at these sorts of issues and questions. I see them as a sort of societal criticism.

Who or what defines what is pure and correct over another’s work? Today, I would believe the deciding factor for publications is peer review but most often time’s individuals in a set class set the bar for something to be adequate or of their quality or standard. How is an authentic idea born, produced, and publicized?

Another idea is it that an idea comes from an expert, but who is an expert in an anything today? If not, there are many amateur with specialize experience in many particular hobby.

What is your impression on the subject?

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