Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"White like me"

Imagine white like me, how the world would be? I’ve traveled the seven seas and have seen all that the eye can see, but what if the world was white like me, how would that be?

The Indian women in Mombi, with her mother-in-law in sight, how she looked at me longing to be in a different life; to choose her own husband and possess her own plight.

My Kenyan friend Phoebe who said “how pretty are thee,” as she played through my string sandy blond hair, braiding strand by strand; why could she not see that she is as pretty as me?

Or the cry of joy from the Chinese lady that I gave my favorite dress as a collegial exchange for all the wonderful friendly gestures she endowed upon me while studying her cultural traditions at the University.

Then there is Luciana, my exchange classmate in Buenos Aires, now a mother, married to her high school sweetheart, working at her father’s store, living in her grandparent’s apartment pained as trendy as could be, she is close to her family and friends, never leaving town for more than a day of rest.

All along I search to be, not like the rest, someone special, different but, of course above all, my best; a dynamic and funny girl who is not judged by my background, place of birth, color of skin, do I have more privilege then the rest?

For the worst and best that globalization has to offer, why would we want the rest to look like the west? As I have traveled to seek independence, identity and culture, I have gained more respect for the traditional cultural backgrounds of my neighbors and friends. Yet who am I? Just like the rest, longing to be in a different place in life, with a lover and friends, to be beautiful and happy, or just to be noticed by the rest?


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